How To Change Page Background Color With Each Route On React

Abidemi Animashaun
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In this article, i’ll be showing you how to change different background color for each route. There are several options to solve it but i’ll go with the easiest one. In this guide, we will learn how to achieve that in React world with modern methods. I will be using functional component to achieve it.

In the image below, i created three different page components

Home Page Component
Home Page Component
About Page Component
Portfolio Page Component

Adding the router to our project

We need to install react-router-dom for this example, so run the following command in the command-line utility.

Install React Router

After installation, we need to import from react-router-dom in the root component(App.js)

Building the root component

In the main component, the color property changes according to the current route. The mapping of colors is as follows:

  • Home page -> #12afed
  • About page -> #24adef
  • Users page -> #0a14ae

Finally, the <App /> component looks as follows:

Imported Home, About and Portfolio Components to App Component
App Component

We wrap the <Router /> component inside a div.

We declare each router using the <Route /> component, create links to each route using the <Link /> component and specify the URL key in the path prop. We also need to specify the component for the route in the component prop.

In the click handler function of the <Link /> component, we change the color state of the component.

Use the changeColor() function and pass the new color to it.

Complete Code

The complete source code is displayed below

We add state to the component using the new useState() method. It takes a single argument which is the initial value of the state. It returns an array that contains two elements: the state itself and the function to update that state.

Complete Code

We use array destructuring to retrieve the elements from useState() as recommended in the React documentation. In the onClick handler, we use the changeColor() function and pass the new color to it.


In this guide, we learned to change the background color of the route by storing the colors in the state and manipulating it by the onClick handler using React hooks. Thanks for reading through!



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